Russian drone


Airbase "Khmeimim" was attacked by Russian drones

Syrian militants attacked the airbase "Khmeimim" with Russian-made drones.

A few hours ago, at the disposal of the information and news portal, there were unique photographs showing one of the unmanned aerial vehicles that took part in the July attack on the Russian military air base. As it turned out, one of the drones, at least, it is confirmed by military experts, is a drone of Russian production, which caused a lot of questions from the public.

One of the officially presented unmanned aerial vehicles that participated in the July attack on the Russian military base Khmeimim was identified by experts as Eleron. Its design has been slightly modified, and from the reconnaissance complex it was turned into a kamikaze drone, however, in general, its features were completely preserved.

There have been no official comments on this issue by the Russian Defense Ministry, but experts believe that the Russian UAV was initially shot down by militants of one of the local groupings, and after it was rebuilt and armed with artillery shells.

It should be clarified that, according to the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, last month over the air base "Khmeimim" 45 drones were destroyed.

If there is no radio channel, then GPS will not work.

In the photo, there is little in common with our drones ... I will not hype journalists, they lie and misinterpret everything and everything.

Well ... You can not not give out a military secret. Now everyone will know what means the defense order is being executed

The drone in the photo is identical to that produced in China by the Skywalker X8 ...
Only here is whose production system of remote control and radio equipment mounted on a drone is a good question

what we do there and why. Arabs are Arabs, let them live there warmly or all in Europe.

so recently, about three months ago, our drone fell on the Oglov side, in Vitub Vitos is laid out.

it's elementary. there is no radio channel control. it is launched at one end. launched and all he flies to the designated area and will fall there and explode fixed munition. The robber would be silenced by the signal but he does not use the radio. just stupidly flies to hmeimima and all. in place of the Barmaleys to use a manageable to use a more useful would be. but alas they have intelligence like a mosquito

Well, after all, they cited, what is the problem and the paradox?

You are happy as though you are the slightest failure of our military, I understood correctly?

And what about those who do not have the EW? again crap? aaa they can incinerate tomahawks (in the minds of cheers of the pats), and in front of models with aliexpress they are powerless, hmm paradox, cheers can not explain this in any way

And why does not the EW act on drones?

What is the Russian production. This Chinese Skywalker X8 with Aliexpress

The kettle is not Aileron but with an aliexpress hand-made.

What is the Russian production. This is Skywalker X8 with Aliexpress.