Air Base in Poland


NATO airbase near the borders of Belarus threatens Moscow, but Minsk does not see the problem

Belarus does not see the military buildup of NATO at its borders.

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Poland openly declared the need to build a dual-use airport on the border of Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. This is necessary not only to develop the capabilities of civil aviation, but also to counter Russia's aggression. According to analysts, such a policy threatens the Union State of Belarus and Russia, however, but for no apparent reason, the official Minsk is trying to ignore such problems.

Mariusz Blaščák declared that it was imperative to increase the military presence on the borders of Belarus. In his opinion, this is primarily due to the fact that Minsk and Moscow are actively cooperating in the military sphere, on the basis of which Belarus is no less a potential threat than Russia.

Despite the open and rather harsh statement of the Polish Ministry of Defense, Minsk is trying to ignore problems at its western borders, still refusing to deploy Russian military bases on its territory. Nevertheless, the President of the Republic of Belarus had previously stated that if Russia really wants to strengthen its defense, then it may well transfer modern weapons, which will be operated by the Belarusian military nonetheless.

“If the question about the Air Force is unequivocal, then give us these 24 aircraft, if you do not want to give, give us a lease”- said Alexander Lukashenko.

This position, of course, does not suit Russia, however, experts believe that if a military airfield with a permanently deployed NATO equipment appears in Poland, then additional modern anti-aircraft missile systems can be supplied to Belarus, however, at the moment it is this is not going on.

“Russia understands that if NATO comes close to Russia's borders, the consequences for Russia's national interests will be disastrous. In fact, if Belarus is allowed to cross over to the West, then from the eastern border of this country to Moscow is less than a thousand kilometers. ”, - the analyst notes.

According to analysts, the main reason for this is the attempts of Belarus to establish normal relations with the West, which has been especially noticeable in recent years.

Of course, this NATO base will be under the gun of our ISKANDER M ... And it can be eliminated in a few seconds ... At the same time, the brainless Poles in their wretched bravado and vile hatred of Russia substitute themselves with this NATO base for a possible nuclear strike .. .and this to please their masters ...