Disaster in the suburbs


Plane crash of An-148 in the suburbs: Russia remembers the victims of the tragedy

In Russia, the victims of the tragic plane crash in the Moscow region are remembered.

11 February 2018 of the year in the suburbs crashed passenger airliner An-148owned by the domestic airline "Saratov Airlines". As a result of a plane crash that happened exactly a year ago, all the people aboard were killed - 6 crew members and 65 passengers.

Today it is known that the cause of the crash could have been several factors at once - icing up of sensors and incorrect actions of crew members, and the tragedy was one of the loudest in Russia last year.

The impact of the aircraft on the ground was so powerful that it took about six months to identify all the victims of the tragedy - the funeral of the dead took place only in November last year.

This day in the Moscow region will be held memorable events dedicated to the anniversary of the crash with the participation of An-148, in which will serve a memorial service and hold a rally in memory of the dead.