Helicopter Mi-8 Svalbard


Mi-8 crash: no survivors found

At the site of the crash of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter off the coast of Spitsbergen, the survivors were not found.

Despite the fact that dozens of specialists are working in the proposed area of ​​the crash of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter, it was not possible to find the survivors. According to the latest data, which is owned by the editors of the portal Avia.pro, on board the helicopter crashed were 8 people, including five crew members and three passengers.

It should be clarified that the search and rescue operation at the site of the crash seriously impedes the polar night, as well as a strong wind speed of which reaches 12-15 m / s.

At the moment, it remains unknown how exactly the helicopter crashed, although the main considered version is the technical malfunction of the aircraft.

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