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Air crash in Cuba: at least 100 people died

The tragic plane crash in Cuba killed at least a hundred people.

19\05\2018 15:36 A preliminary version of the crash is called. As it follows from unofficial data, at take-off, the aircraft hooked on the electric transmission line, as a result of which there was a failure of the electric system of the aircraft, which caused the tragedy

19\05\2018 09:25 Russians on board the crashed passenger airliner were not

19\05\2018 06:03 It is known that two of the four survivors died in the hospital from injuries and injuries.

18\05\2018 23:15 At the scene of the plane crash, four survivors were found. their condition is assessed as critical.

18\05\2018 22:27 The first video footage of the plane crash happened. As can be seen in the video, the plane dropped only a few kilometers from the airport, most likely not gaining altitude.

Today in Cuba, a passenger airliner crashed Boeing 737, which belonged to the Cuban air carrier "Cubana de Aviacion", Which carried out the flight from Havana and was to follow in another Cuban city Holguin. On board the passenger airliner, according to preliminary data, there were at least a hundred passengers (according to clarified information, it is about 107 citizens, including crew members - ed.).

According to the information provided by CNN, the passenger airliner managed to gain altitude, but in case of unclear circumstances it began to fall rapidly, after which it exploded from the impact on the ground, while information about the victims and dead in various sources is different, in particular, according to the information of Cuban news agencies, in The result of the tragedy did not manage to survive to anyone, while the American press reported both the dead and the victims. There was no official information on this score.

It is reported that the passenger airliner Boeing 737 was operated by a foreign crew, besides there is information that citizens of other countries (USA, Venezuela, Ecuador, etc.) were also on board the aircraft in addition to citizens of Cuba.

Experts have already named the possible causes of the tragedy, highlighting among them the engine failure and crew error, but due to the absence of any official data, it is impossible to say that these factors caused the crash.

* Boeing 737 - narrow-bodied turbofan passenger aircraft. Boeing 737 is the most massive passenger aircraft in the history of passenger aircraft construction (13 March 2018, a ten thousandth aircraft was delivered, more than 4500 orders are awaiting execution). The aircraft is manufactured by Boeing Corporation from 1967 year. Boeing 737 is operated so widely that at any time in the air there is an average of 1200 aircraft and every 5 seconds in the world one 737 th takes off and sits.

** Cubana de Aviacion is the national airline of Cuba. It has been operating since 1929 year. The air carrier's fleet includes about two dozen aircraft.