Plane crash in Ukraine: the cause of the tragedy could be the actions of the American pilot

In a plane crash involving the Ukrainian Su-27, the American pilot is to blame.

Despite the fact that the investigation of the plane crash involving the Ukrainian fighter Su-27 continues, independent experts concluded that in addition to technical malfunction, the American pilot who was on board the combat aircraft also contributed to the tragedy.

Yuri Samonkin, who is the chairman of the Center for Research, Conservation, Support and Development of Eurasianism, said that the presence of only an American pilot on board a Soviet combat aircraft increased the likelihood of a plane crash several times, not to mention the fact that an American pilot could intervene in the process of controlling the fighter.

“The US pilot had no right to interfere in the internal process ...”, - he said.

It should be clarified that if an American pilot really tried to control a Soviet fighter, his actions could well prevent the control of a combat aircraft.

On the other hand, analysts say that until all the circumstances of the crash have been clarified, this version cannot be regarded as the main one, since, taking into account the data that appeared earlier, the Ukrainian Su-27 has never been repaired for almost three decades, which may indicate a technical malfunction .