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Airlines break contracts for the purchase of Boeing 737 MAX, the loss of "Boeing" can be measured in tens of billions

Airlines break contracts with Boeing, the bill goes to tens of billions of dollars

AFP reports that the American company Boeing loses a major contract with Garuda Indonesia after a ship has crashed in Africa. The contract value amounted to tens of billions of dollars. Indonesians were going to buy 49 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

The reason for the cancellation of the transaction is that passengers are afraid to fly on 737 MAX, since two crashes in five months, which occurred almost along the same lines, say that the airliner is unreliable.

Representatives of the Indonesian airline reported that they sent a letter to Boeing company asking for cancellation of the contract after the disaster in Africa. Passengers do not want to fly on such planes, they have lost the trust of “Garuda Indonesia”.

This case is the first when the carrier completely terminates the contract with “Boeing” after the last disaster. Somewhat earlier, the Russian airlines S7, UTair, Pobeda and Ural Airlines suspended the agreements concluded for the supply of aircraft, until the reasons for the Boeing 737 MAX air crash in Ethiopia were determined.

Now flights of Boeing 737 MAX are prohibited all over the world. It is likely that passengers expect price hikes and flight delays.

Over the past five months there have been two disasters of Boeing 737 MAX. The total death toll in them reached 346 people. The last happened on March 10th in Ethiopia - the plane crashed to the ground six minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa airport.

Almost immediately after the incident, almost thirty airlines refused to exploit 737 MAX. Russia, the European Union, the United States closed their skies for these aircraft.

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