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Airlines "Red Wings" banned buying Airbus A220 liners

Rosaviatsiya blocked deliveries of Canadian A220-300 for Red Wings».

The newspaper Kommersant, referring to a source in the Russian aviation industry, reports that Rosaviation has not certified Airbus A220-300 aircraft in the territory of the Russian Federation. For this reason, Red Wings Airlines had to abandon the operation of six such aircraft. These aircraft are manufactured under the brand Bombardier CS300 in Canada.

The CEO of Red Wings, Yevgeny Klucharev, confirmed the company's exit from the project. He did not elaborate on the reasons, he told only about the consequences - having refused from Airbus A220-300, the company would not open several routes in 2019.

В «Airbus» reported that the Russian Federation was engaged in the operation of A220-300 only «Red Wings». The price of one aircraft is 91,5 million dollars. The price of the entire series is 549 millions, but there is a discount for the buyer.

The Rosaviation decision was a response to the Canadian regulator Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), who refused to issue a certificate to the Russian liner SSJ 100 and the Ansat helicopter. This is how the source who provided the information to Kommersant comments on the incident.

The Russian Ministry does not comment on the situation. The State Transport Leasing Company, which was supposed to fulfill the delivery of aircraft, said that the contract had to be abandoned because of the increased price of the aircraft. For this reason, the leasing rate has risen.

As a source is sure, whose information is used by Kommersant, Canada refused to certify SSJ 100 and Ansat helicopter due to the fact that in Russia the certification system is too complicated. Until the end of 2015, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) was engaged in this. Its certification system was recognized by the aviation authorities of the United States, the European Union and other countries. In 2016, Rosaviation became involved in this. She currently uses the basic documents of the IAC aviation rules, which is indicated as an authorized body. This situation is the reason that the aviation industry in other countries do not recognize the new status «Rosaviatsii».