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Pobeda airline: new rules for baggage transportation are illegal

Loucoster "Victory" announced the illegality of the new rules for the carriage of luggage.

According to a competent source, the air carrier Pobeda sent a letter to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation with a request to abolish the new rules for carrying baggage, citing the fact that this is primarily due to the fact that the new rules are not consistent with the type of aircraft in operation.

Previously, the resource reported on the attempt of bloggers to carry 32 kilogram weight not the board of the Pobeda passenger airplane, however, the new rules were not impressed by the carrier's representatives, just as there was no reaction and the fact that more recently the general director of the loukoster announced The fact that a passenger can easily carry a weight to the plane, so that passengers are forbidden to take an athletic projectile on the plane.

This letter is a frank farce. Let them show its content, and it will be especially funny to read the regulator's answer to him, how and where he will send Bede. :)


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