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Airline "Victory" to raise funds for the treatment of a child with cerebral palsy

Loukosterov "Victory" has collected money for a child with cerebral palsy, who was not allowed on the flight.

Thanks to the leadership of the Russian low-cost airlines "Victory", Klim Fattakhov suffering from cerebral palsy disease will be able to for two years undergoing rehabilitation, while there is also the information and that the child is able to use the Russian airline "Victory" service for a year completely is free.

The public has welcomed such actions by the leadership loukostera "Victory", although initially, the situation with no tolerance for the flight of the child one of the "victory" of employees has caused a real outcry.

Among other things, the air carrier also promised in the near future to improve its activities in the provision of services to passengers.


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Well done! Worthy come out of an unpleasant situation!