Subsidizing air transportation to Crimea


Red Wings to receive 400 million subsidies

The airline "Red Wings" will receive from the state additional subsidies in the amount of 400 million rubles for flights to the Crimea.

As stated by Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Valery Okulov, subsidies from the state can be received only by air carriers that have domestic planes in their fleet, and the airline "Red Wings" is suitable for this in all respects.

It is worth noting that the subsidies are allocated by the state so that air carriers can reduce the cost of air tickets for their flights, and if Aeroflot now has an air ticket costing 4 thousand rubles to the Crimea, and the Red Wings airline has 6 thousand rubles, The allocation of subsidies for air travel should be approximately equivalent.

In total, over the past month of August this year, Russian air operators have transported to the Crimea about 600 thousand passengers, which indicates the attractiveness of this direction and its future prospects.

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