Airline Taimyr


The airline "Taimyr" will pay the passenger of 154 thousand. Rubles for a spoiled holiday

Passenger airline "Taimyr" sued the airline 154 thousand rubles for a spoiled holiday.

According to the portal, in October last year, a resident of Norilsk purchased three tickets for a flight to Krasnoyarsk, however, due to adverse weather conditions, the flight was postponed until morning, and already at the time of preparing for check-in, it became known that Departure is again delayed, this time for a day, as a result of which the family was late for the flight to Phuket, and later was forced to purchase new tickets.

In the course of ongoing proceedings, judicial authorities have decided to oblige airline "Taimyr" to pay the woman compensation of 154,8 thousand, which includes the value of the newly purchased ticket and compensation for moral damages.