Airline UTair


The airline "UTair" has announced its plans for the year 2017

In 2017 year "UTair" airline plans to increase its passenger traffic figures on 6,7%.

Подобная информация нашла отражение в пресс-релизе авиаперевозчика, причём, фактически, эта величина является довольно абстрактной, так как во многом всё будет зависеть от популярности авиарейсов компании «ЮТэйр», что означает, что с тем же успехом основные показатели деятельности могут возрасти и на 10%.

It should be clarified that in 2016, the airline "UTair" has made very significant progress, in particular, passenger traffic airline was marked by intensive growth, while the quality of service also proved to be much higher, as noted clients of the operator itself, moreover, it is important to take into account the fact that thanks to the optimization of its activities, the airline was able to greatly reduce their debts.