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The airline Aero YUVT


The airline "YUVT Aero" has opened 7 new flights from Simferopol

The airline "YUVT Aero" has opened new flights from Simferopol.

As it became known to portal, the domestic air carrier "YUVT Aero" started flights from Simferopol to seven Russian cities, including Belgorod, Bugulma, Voronezh, Kazan, Nizhnevartovsk, Perm and Ufa. Considering the fact that the majority of Russians preferred to rest on the territory of the country, the development of air communication with Simferopol could bring a very significant income to the carrier.

It should be noted that the airline "YUVT Aero" is dynamically developing its activities, opening new route directions and improving the quality of services provided to passengers, as has been repeatedly reported.