Airline Azur Air


Airline "Azur Air" fined for the delay in Tunisia

The court fined the airline «Azur Air» for the delay in Tunisia.

According to official figures, we are talking about the flight, was detained in September last year, when the passenger aircraft was to effect the flight from Ekaterinburg 1 September 22 hours exactly, however, due to aircraft technical failure, the performance of the flight was postponed for more than 8 hours , moreover, the carrier did not provide its customers with a backup board.

This case is not the only airline where «Azur Air» punished with a fine, however, it is important to clarify that in a positive way on the carrier's activity is not affected and continue to delay departures observed to the present day.


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Today, 17.05.2017 my family and I were supposed to fly from Volgograd to Antalya by Azur Air on a Boeing 757 plane in 12-30, the board was delayed due to technical malfunction for an indefinite time, we said that before 00-00 18 we will not take off.