Aircraft designers and test pilots flee from Ukraine to Russia

Why do Ukrainian designers and test pilots leave for Russia?

On the air of the Ukrainian television channel NewsOne, former Minister of Transport and Communications of Ukraine, former deputy of the Rada Yevgeny Chervonenko, spoke on the situation of a shortage of qualified personnel in the country. This problem is now relevant for Russia, but in Ukraine it is several times more complicated.

Pilots, design engineers, specialists in other fields are going to Russia because Chervonenko is sure that they cannot find a job at home. In Russia, they are easily arranged where they can show their professional qualities.

The former minister stressed that the Ukrainian test pilots, once in Russia, are not only provided with work, but also receive citizenship. In Ukraine, they have no benefits. So far, no law has been passed in the country approving the title “Honored Test Pilot”.

Chervonenko also noted that experts in Ukraine are becoming unclaimed due to the fact that the industry is degrading. When leaving the country, they choose not only Russia, but also Kazakhstan, as a new place of residence.

Speaking of pilots, the former minister recalled that once the Ukrainian test pilots became the authors of records on various aircraft. Now this is not. As for the records, they date from the time when Ukraine was Ukrainian SSR.

And in the Russian Federation the equipment of the most modern factories of Donbass was taken out (if we take only defensive ones - Mashzavod-100, Topaz, Lugansk cartridge plant, etc., etc.). And this is right - we need. Yes, and the costs must be beaten.


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