Aeroflot flight delay


Flight from Tomsk to Moscow will be delayed by more than 11 hours

For technical reasons, a flight to Moscow was not able to fly from the Tomsk airport.

As it became known, the flight of the company "Aeroflot" that followed the route Tomsk - Moscow was detained almost for 11 hours - the flight instead of the planned time in 6 hours 55 minutes, was transferred to 17 hours 30 minutes. The reasons for the flight delay in the management of Aeroflot were not specified, however, the technical malfunction of the aircraft was a probable reason for postponing the departure time.

The number of passengers waiting for the flight at the airport remains unknown, but according to the law, the air carrier is obliged to provide them with additional services in case of delay, in particular, with a delay of more than 4 hours, hot food must be provided.