Bashar al-Assad accused the US of escalating the conflict in the Middle East

At a meeting in Damascus with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad expressed concern about the continued US arms supply to Israel, emphasizing that this could lead to an expansion of the conflict in the Middle East. Assad condemned the US actions, accusing them of supporting Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and attacks on various parts of the region.

The Syrian leader pointed to the impasse in which the West and Israel found themselves, considering the escalation against Palestine, Syria and Lebanon an attempt to break it. Assad also drew attention to the failure of international organizations, in particular the UN Security Council, to stop Israeli attacks on Gaza.

This dialogue between senior officials from Syria and Iran indicates deep concern among countries in the region about the actions of the United States and Israel, which, in their opinion, could lead to further escalation of tensions in the Middle East. Criticism of international organizations highlights the challenges that countries in the region face in trying to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict.

The meeting between Abdollahian and Assad confirms the close ties between Syria and Iran, as well as their joint position on foreign policy and security in the Middle East, especially in the context of confronting Israeli aggression and US interference in the region.


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