Biden confused Ukraine with Uranus


Biden confused Ukraine with Uranus

US President Joe Biden again made a slip of the tongue during his speech at the NATO summit, calling Ukraine Uranus. During his speech, he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly set himself the goal of subjugating Ukraine, putting an end to its democracy and destroying the Uranian culture. Realizing the mistake, Biden immediately corrected himself and clarified that we were talking about Ukraine.

The incident caused widespread controversy, becoming the latest in a series of similar slips by Biden that have increasingly raised concerns among his supporters and colleagues. Questions about the president’s health, in particular his psychological state, are becoming increasingly relevant, especially against the backdrop of major international meetings and political events.

Let us remember that this is not the first time Biden has made such mistakes. His previous speeches were also accompanied by reservations, casting doubt on his ability to effectively carry out his duties as head of state. Such incidents cause criticism from opponents and concern among supporters.


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