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The flight of an American destroyer from Russian fighters is ridiculed on the Net

The network ridiculed the flight of the American warship, who wanted to enter the Russian territorial waters.

Mass media around the world are actively discussing escape of the American missile destroyer "McCampbell" from Russian ships and fighters. According to experts, this is the worst US provocation ever occurred in modern history.

Ранее US Navy spokeswoman Rachel McMarr stated that the US military destroyer McCampbell is ready to enter Russian territorial waters, since Washington does not recognize Russia's decision to apply for space beyond the 12-mile zone.

“These actions demonstrate that the United States will fly, swim and act wherever allowed by international law. This is also true in the Sea of ​​Japan, as elsewhere around the world. ”, - the report says.

However, not getting closer 100 kilometers to the Russian territorial waters, the American destroyer, noticing Russian combat aircraft and ships, began to turn around and quickly leave, which was given to ridicule Web users.

“The power of the American fleet broke even 100 kilometers before the Russian territorial waters. Rather, it is wisdom than cowardice, because unlike the Ukrainian armored boats, the American destroyer would surely become a new reef as soon as he invaded Russian waters. ”- said user Facebook.

"Another proof of American" power. Trump will later say that he simply did not want to destroy Russian fighters and sink ships. ”, - the user of the social network "Vkontakte"

“The crews of American ships are well acquainted with Russian bombers and fighters. Surely our pilots just wanted to greet the US military, and those, not realizing the honors, rushed to flee "- said the user "Facebook"

Tempting - THIS YES !!!

He laughed. Not over an American, of course.

Yes, I would like to look at the exemplary reaction of the Americans to the invasion of foreign warships into their waters.

Fuel enough! Our submarines have long been grazing near the US coast as far as the depth allows. They just do not emerge so as not to frighten the Americans and so that once again the State Department will not hit the Pentagon: what is going on?

Well, when will our ships respond bravely along the territorial waters of the United States? Or kerosene dumb?

Great Yankees fled bravely.

“These operations demonstrate that the United States will fly, navigate, and work wherever international law allows,” McMarr said.
But perhaps international law should not be confused with the "cave power law" enforced by the "bandits in power, the United States" cut off from their "impotence", in the service of the military-industrial complex, in other words, "bespredelschikami" ... Gentlemen Americans, how many you can believe the blatant lies of pathological liars, in the service of TNCs, which, all of you - "were seen in the grave" ...

"This action is aimed at irritating Russia."

It seems that they are gradually, but they are seeking a "nervous reaction" from our authorities.
Those. This vessel passed at a distance of the order of 100,0 km. from our state border, but our Ministry of Defense did not just comment on this situation, but allowed herself to be sarcastic about this. No need, they are not worthy of our nerves :).

The trough floated by, no one noticed ... It's a shame, you understand, it's a shame!) We are waiting for the second part of the Marlezonsky ballet, visiting the Black Sea of ​​the second US fleet ... And what if they notice ?!)

"Russian military watch US destroyer, allegedly approaching the base of the Russian Federation
The ship did not approach the territorial waters of Russia closer than 100 km, said Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov "
"The Russian military is watching McCampbell, who allegedly walked defiantly on Thursday near the Russian base in Primorye. He is now in 400 km from the Russian coast in the central part of the Sea of ​​Japan, Konashenkov also said.

According to him, now the crew of the destroyer "demonstrates" his courage at a distance of more than 400 km from the territorial waters of the Russian Federation in the central part of the Sea of ​​Japan. "The Pacific Fleet carried out a set of measures to control its actions, like other warships in this area, by land and other means, "he said."

The US missile destroyer McCampbell during the transition in international waters was controlled by the Russian anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs.
The Ministry of Defense commented on the passage of the destroyer of the USA near the Russian base

This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov, commenting on the data that the US destroyer approached the Russian base.

According to him, in reality, the destroyer "did not even come close to the Russian territorial waters closer than 100 km."

Y-yes ... "action of intimidation", definitely, climb everything under the table))))


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