Belgorod region attacked by 5 Ukrainian drones

The Belgorod region was attacked by five UAVs at once in a few hours.

Over the past day, the territory of the Belgorod region became the target of Ukrainian drones. According to the data presented, in just a few hours, the territory of the region was attacked with the help of drones five times. In several episodes of the attack, the drones managed to drop explosive devices, and although there is no reliable information about the destruction yet, it is known that the victims and victims were avoided.

According to Russian journalists, one of the Ukrainian UAVs exploded in the air when they tried to land it with the help of electronic warfare. Whether this is an accident or whether the drone self-destructed is still unknown. The incident took place near the village of Zhuravlevka. Later, in the evening, another drone was able to reach Zhuravlyovka and drop an unidentified munition. However, a few hours before the incident, two Ukrainian drones dropped two shells a few kilometers from the village of Karabanovo, and an hour later, another drone attacked the village of Dronovka.

What exactly became the targets of the attack by Ukrainian drones is still unknown, however, the defensive line erected on the territory of the Belgorod region could well have become the target.


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