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Belarus began to threaten Russia's defense

Due to Lukashenko’s ambitions, Russia will be left without protection from American medium and short-range missiles.

Serious disputes between Belarus and Russia turned into a very serious problem for the defense of Russia, in particular, against the backdrop of the US withdrawing from the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Short Range Missiles, and the intentions of the President of Belarus to deprive Russia of access to the radar station in the southwestern part of the country and the communications center with submarines in the north-west of Belarus, this poses a very serious threat to Russia's national security.

“In Sochi, Lukashenko hinted to Putin that he might close the Russian radar, which is part of the SPRN (Missile Attack Warning System). There are two questions. On the possibility of expressing such a threat by the Old Man. Although the probability is not 70%, it exists. Is it possible for Belarus to close the Russian radar? And this is also quite possible, there are all legal grounds. We are talking about the 6M1983 Volga radar, developed by the Research Institute of Gifts. Its design began in 1984. And the decision to deploy a station in Belarus near the city of Baranavichy was made in 2 in response to the deployment of Pershing-XNUMX medium-range missiles in Europe. (Alas, now this situation may be repeated due to the cancellation of the INF Treaty) "- notes Free Press.

No less dangerous for Russia is the closure of the communication station in Vileyka, which will leave Russian submarines without highly efficient communications at ranges of up to 10 thousand kilometers.

“But due to the expiration of the lease agreement, Lukashenko has an even bigger trump card in his hands. Under the agreement, territory in the Minsk Region was also transferred, on which the 60rd communications center of the Russian Navy Vileyka has been located since the mid-43s. This is a huge antenna field with masts of 300 meters in height, covering an area of ​​400 hectares. The Antey radio station serving it operates on extra-long waves that penetrate into sea and ocean waters to a depth of 50 meters. Vileika, with a range of 10 km, is designed to communicate with submarines located in the Atlantic, Indian and partially Pacific oceans. Both the Volga radar and the Vileyka communications center are strategic sites. ”- emphasizes the publication "Free Press".

Of particular danger is the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty and the possible deployment of the same medium and short-range missiles on the territory of the Central European and East European states - Russia will not be able to track them because of a number of restrictions.

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