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Belarus refused to purchase Russian S-400, saying they were useless

In Belarus, they refused to buy the Russian S-400, believing that they are useless.

The Belarusian media reported that Belarus has no intention of buying the Russian Triumph S-400 air defense systems, since the latter have no practical benefit. According to the statements of Belarusian specialists, it’s simply pointless to pay billions for complexes that for all time have not received any use.

According to the Belarusian edition of Naviny, Moscow should be interested in transferring Russian S-400s to Belarus, since the deployment of such systems on the territory of Belarus will allow Russia to control any missile launches from the western direction, receiving an extra 45-50 minutes to repel attacks. Nevertheless, it is reported that Minsk is categorically against the presence of Russian military on the territory of Belarus - the complexes can either be delivered and Belarusian specialists will be on duty, or negotiations will not go further.

Experts, in turn, believe that Belarus does not have a real need for Russian S-400s, because with the relatively small size of the country, the capabilities of the S-300 air defense systems are quite enough to ensure the protection of its borders, in connection with which, official Minsk It is unlikely that it will seek supplies of the Triumphs, especially against the backdrop of Washington’s threats to impose sanctions against any country acquiring Russian weapons.

Belarus tested its air defense system today 70 km in range and at an altitude of 25 and an active control head at the rocket

The Old Man is fighting for the country at external borders, And under the nose the dung beetles multiply. I mean the opposition. Complexes may not be needed, but they won’t get it for nothing. The little girl has grown painfully for everything. Gift for the barn.

Well, if comrade Gibert considers the S-400 a useless thing, can he demonstrate how it works on his technique? the truth from it then there will be nothing left, let it not croak.

We abandon their milk, bananas, oranges, apples, Mazov, etc., etc.

tax maneuver of Russia cost Belarusians $ 800ml.

somehow it’s not as we would like. Yes?

Belarusian agricultural products are also useless, there is one

Old Man, cunning beast. he knows that Russia will not leave Belarus to be torn to pieces and defend, if so: Why pay?

tax maneuver of Russia cost Belarusians $ 800ml.

Russia sees over-the-horizon radars for thousands of kilometers, even last weekend they showed this in the MILITARY RECEPTION program - any take-off missile far in the west and in the United States reflects itself when it takes off the radio wave and immediately through the ionosphere it all instantly reflects on Russian radars. What other launches of missiles do we need to CONTROL ANOTHER-which ones, means of control in Russia is SUFFICIENT. And for Russia, it won’t put S-400 for thanks in Belarus, the country is small if NATO will just shoot down s-400 missiles at the start, they’re too close to shoot where only in Berlin or Paris, it’s ridiculous . Torahs, shells, or s-350 is the maximum that will fit Belarus, but not like the s-400.

But the Kaliningrad region is no longer taken into account?

Russia has two allies: Soyuzmultfilm and Rosstat.

The fall in Belarus' GDP was only 6-7 percent in January-February. Things in the economy of Belarus are bad, in all that the president of Belarus invested money on the modernization of production, all this still brings one LOSS. Belarusians now need to think about the economy, they really have no need for anything now and then, as the saying goes: NO money, no money, NO money.

Wow. 45-50 minutes to win. Did they see themselves on the globe? 1 minute a rocket flies over their territory.


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