Parachute landing


Parachute landing of Ukrainian military has caused enthusiasm among web users

Parachute landing of the Ukrainian military is designed to discourage the enemy.

The State Border Service of Ukraine told about the conduct of one of the stages of the international military exercises “Sea Breeze 2018” and demonstrated the unique work of the Ukrainian military.

According to the legend of the exercise stage, the conventional adversary attempted to destabilize the situation in the Odessa region, conducting subversive operations against civilians and the authorities of the country. To prevent and suppress the enemy, border forces were involved, in particular, they are talking about the counter-sabotage border units that made parachute landing from the side of the helicopter directly to the sea surface, which allowed to preempt the enemy's diversionary actions and to fulfill the assigned combat mission in a qualitative way.

The video recording of the parachute-free landing provided by the press secretary of the State Border Service of Ukraine delighted ordinary users of the Network, since the servicemen had to jump into the water from the 7-meter height (according to data provided by the State FMS of Ukraine - ed.).

It is reported that due to the immediate actions of the Ukrainian military, the task was accomplished as quickly as possible.

"After landing, a group of sea assault troops reached a certain object under water and neutralized the conventional enemy. The exercise is done properly. Theoretical studies and training that preceded military maneuvers proved to be effective ", - the report says.

and what they were fighting to gather-teeth or cowards?

And what do they usually do with a parachute from seven meters? I would look at it with pleasure.

And what's there to admire?