A drone exploded in a forest near Kaluga, 300 kilometers from the border with Ukraine

An unknown kamikaze drone exploded near Kaluga.

There was a big explosion near Kaluga last night. The reason for everything was an unmanned aerial vehicle that exploded, the type of which is currently being established by specialists. The explosion occurred in a forested area, approximately 300 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

At the moment, it was possible to find out that the unmanned aerial vehicle was flying at an altitude of about 50 meters, thereby trying to hide from radar equipment. However, according to local residents, the explosion was very strong and could be heard clearly from a very long distance. The information about the explosion was also confirmed by the governor of the Kaluga region, noting that we are really talking about a drone, however, victims and victims were avoided.

How exactly the unmanned aerial vehicle managed to cover such a long distance and in what direction it moved is unknown, however, from the site of the explosion to the outskirts of Moscow is only about 150 kilometers.

There are no official statements about the explosion of a drone over the Kaluga region yet.


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