Reaper drones will buy Netherlands.


Reaper drones will buy Netherlands.

30 November 2013. The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands is going to buy four new UAVs from the USA MQ-9 ReaperAs well as the station for their management. UAVs will be delivered without any weapons and will only be used to monitor air targets. The first ship will arrive in 2016 year, the last - a year later.

The Netherlands expects to receive in the future and weapons to the UAVs. UAVs will be supplied to the military with a minimum set of equipment: sensors, radars (radar stations) and systems for detecting moving objects. Reaper differ from the US RQ-9 powerful radars.

The vessel may be in flight 24 more hours.

Interesting aircraft. Reconnaissance drones are small in size, they have a small carrying capacity. Tons of fuel in the tanks does not pour. As the baby can stay in the air 24 hours? Which engine is to be used for such opportunities. He probably did not eat fuel.