Complex C-300


"Useless" complex S-300 threatens "invincible" Israel

Israel is afraid of supplying Russian S-300 SAM systems to Syria.

Despite the fact that previously US military experts called the C-300 Russian complexes obsolete and incapable, the former head of the Israeli anti-missile defense organization of the Israel Defense Ministry, Uzi Rubin, said that the delivery of these complexes to Syria would be a threat to the Israeli side.

According to the television channel JISR TV, Israel seriously fears that Russia can put its S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems into service with the Syrian army, which have a large combat radius and will be able to destroy Israeli drones, bombers and fighters in the airspace of other countries .

"If Russia puts its C-300 complexes in Israel, it will seriously damage relations between the two countries, since now weapons will be armed with Asad that threatens the national interests and security of the United States", - said former head of Israel's missile defense organization of the Ministry of Defense of Israel Uzi Rubin.

It should be clarified that earlier Russia refused to sell its complexes to Syria, apparently fearing deterioration of relations with Israel, however, according to some, not officially confirmed data, the government of the Arab Republic continues to negotiate with the Russian military about the sale of C-300 to Syria.

"Israel is afraid that with the advent of accurate and distant air defense systems in Syria, strikes against government forces will become impossible, since now Bashar Assad can shoot down fighters and bombers of the Israeli Air Force even in the airspace of neighboring countries", - the military analyst underlines.

A threat in which plan? Israel can not bomb the sovereign state of the ATS with impunity?
It will be generally wonderful! It is necessary to give so many complexes of Syria, so that the Semites could not rise at all.


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