Bild: Kyiv used the American Patriot air defense system to attack Russian territory

The Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) at least once used the American Patriot air defense system supplied by Germany to strike Russian territory, Bild reports, citing its sources. This incident provoked a sharp reaction from Berlin and Washington, which threatened to stop the supply of anti-aircraft missiles if this happened again.

When and where exactly the Patriot system was used is not specified. However, earlier it became known that in January 2024, the Patriot system from the Kharkov region shot down a Russian plane near Belgorod. On board this plane, according to the Russian side, there were Ukrainian prisoners of war who were being transported for exchange.

Information about the downed plane and the use of the Patriot system also appeared in a number of Western media, but the Ukrainian authorities did not confirm this information, as well as the fact that there were Ukrainian prisoners on board the downed plane.


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