Plane landing


Boeing 737 with a broken wing landed in Sochi

Boeing with a broken wing made an emergency landing in Sochi.

At the Sochi airport, a passenger Boeing 737-800 landed, arriving from Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport. TASS, referring to a representative of the airport of arrival, reports that this board had a technical malfunction.

When approaching the pilots of the liner realized that they had difficulties due to the breakdown of wing mechanization tools. The message about it was transferred to the dispatcher. Operational services immediately left the runway.

The incident ended well. The liner with 106 passengers on board landed successfully, and this incident did not affect the work of the Sochi International Airport.

In recent days, the vast majority of countries in the world have banned passenger flights of Boeing aircraft. This may result in flight delays and a sharp increase in ticket prices.

March 15, over the airport "Sheremetyevo" almost happened disaster. In the evening, the Boeing cargo of the British airline, which went into the second round, made a dangerous rapprochement with the airliner taking off from Moscow to Beijing. Collisions did not occur due to the operation of the system, warning of a dangerous approach.

Earlier, December 23 Airbus A321 (airline S7) took off at the Moscow airport and headed to Sochi. However, because of the failure at an altitude of about three kilometers of the engine, the plane was forced to return and land at Domodedovo. Everything ended well. There were no casualties.