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Bloomberg: flights on Boeing 737 Max airliners are dangerous

In the United States, they declared the dangers of operating Boeing 737 MAX airliners.

As follows from the information provided by the publication "Bloomberg", the world's largest aircraft manufacturer is seriously concerned about its latest passenger airliners Boeing 737 MAX. The reason for this is the erroneous data read by the flight monitoring system, as a result of which the aircraft can simply fail at its peak, with disastrous consequences.

According to the information provided by the Bloomberg publication, in the near future, the Boeing management intends to send a warning to the operators of the Boeing 737 MAX airliners.

It should be clarified that at the end of October this year, the passenger airliner Boeing 737-800, owned by the airline "Lion Air", crashed off the west coast of the island of Java, as a result, 189 people died. Specialists engaged in the investigation of this tragedy, managed to establish that the plane crashed into the sea at high speed, which obviously coincides with the information provided by the publication "Bloomberg".

It should be noted that representatives of the American corporation "Boeing" denied the data of the publication "Bloomberg", stressing that this information does not correspond to reality, while the very publication "Bloomberg" continues to state that the information presented is very competent.