Air Base Khmeimim


Militants attacked the airbase "Khmeimim" immediately 5 drones

Syrian militants continue to attack the Russian military air base.

This morning, the Vesti FM radio station reported that the Russian military airbase Khemeymim, located in the Syrian province of Latakia, was again attacked by the fighters of Jays al-Izza. According to official data, five unmanned aerial vehicles took part in the attack, which indicates the determination of radical Islamists.

The head of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of the warring parties Alexei Tsygankov reported that all five unmanned aerial vehicles, apparently armed with artillery shells, were destroyed far from the airbase. As a result of the attack by militants on the Russian military airbase, the victims were avoided, while no material damage was inflicted on the combat equipment and infrastructure of the base.

It should be clarified that the current attack on the airbase Khmeimim is far from the first since the beginning of this month, but all attacks by the militants of the Jaysh al-Izza group have been successfully reflected, which indicates the high combat readiness of the Russian military.

According to experts, the militants are trying to inflict damage on the Russian military equipment and thereby disrupt the large-scale offensive to the provinces Idlib, Latakia and Ham, which are currently controlled by the radicals.