US Air Force helicopter


"Igil" militants shot down an American military helicopter over Syria

Seven servicemen were injured as a result of the shelling by the militants of an American helicopter.

This afternoon, it was reported that the American military helicopter UH-10 "Black Hawk" crashed on Sunday, 60 kilometers from the Syrian-Iraqi border.

American media reported that the aircraft was flying from Syria to one of the military air bases in Iraq, but due to technical problems, fell near the border. However, a few hours ago it became known that, in reality, a helicopter with American soldiers had come under fire from Islamic State militants (ISIS, a terrorist group whose activity is prohibited in Russia - managed to bring the aircraft out of the airspace of Syria and emergency landing a rotary-wing aircraft.

The state of seven servicemen is still unknown, except that at least five seriously injured and injured.

It should be clarified that the US military helicopter most likely carried out a combat mission near the territory controlled by the militants "IGIL" (on the bank of the Euphrates River - ed.) Where an offensive operation of the so-called "Western coalition" is currently taking place.