US Air Force helicopter


"Igil" militants shot down an American military helicopter over Syria

Seven servicemen were injured as a result of the shelling by the militants of an American helicopter.

This afternoon, it was reported that the American military helicopter UH-10 "Black Hawk" crashed on Sunday, 60 kilometers from the Syrian-Iraqi border.

US media reports that the aircraft flew from Syria to one of the military bases in Iraq, but because of technical problems, it fell near the border. Nevertheless, a few hours ago it became known that in fact, a helicopter with US servicemen came under fire from the militants of the "Islamic State" (IGIL, a terrorist group whose activities are banned in Russia -, But the pilot managed to take the aircraft out of the airspace of Syria and accidentally plant a rotorcraft.

The state of seven servicemen is still unknown, except that at least five seriously injured and injured.

It should be clarified that the US military helicopter most likely carried out a combat mission near the territory controlled by the militants "IGIL" (on the bank of the Euphrates River - ed.) Where an offensive operation of the so-called "Western coalition" is currently taking place.