White helmets Syria


Militants "ISIS" seized chlorine barrels from "White Helmets"

The militants "LIH" * appeared chemical weapons.

Despite the fact that the joint actions of the Syrian and Russian military, the militants of the Islamic State (ISIL, a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) Were almost completely eliminated, it became known that a small detachment of terrorists attack one of the local terrorist groups and the White Helmets detachment, and seize barrels of chemical poisonous substances.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation presented images and videotapes made by the drone, where you can see that the terrorists of the “Islamic State” are really transporting unknown barrels to the truck body, and if it is a chemical poisoning substance, tens and even hundreds of thousands of people.

According to some reports, we are talking about two barrels of chlorine, which were seized in the province of Hama, on the territory designated as de-escalation zone. Exactly how the terrorists managed to penetrate the territory controlled by the Syrian, Turkish and Russian military remains unknown, however, the very fact of the presence of poisonous substances in another terrorist group and organization calling itself “White Helmets” also raises many questions.

Analysts do not rule out that if ISIS terrorists can use trapped chlorine against local residents, the Turkish military or militants, the United States will try to blame Assad for this, which will allow them to inflict new large-scale attacks on the Arab Republic.