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Boeing 787 dispersed to supersonic speed

Passenger aircraft Boeing 787-9 "Dreamliner" dispersed to supersonic speeds.

A passenger airliner airline "Virgin Atlantic", performing a regular flight from Los Angeles to London, was able to accelerate to supersonic speed. It is known that during the flight the speed of the aircraft was 1285 km \ h., Which, taking into account the 11-kilometer altitude, corresponds to 1,2 MAX.

It is reported that passengers of the airline "Virgin Atlantic" have become unwitting participants in the flight at supersonic speeds. This was due to the fact that the aircraft, which was not adapted for flight at supersonic speed, got into a powerful tail flow, thanks to which the cruising speed increased by more than a third.

Considering the data of online services that track the flights of civil aircraft, it was found that due to the powerful oncoming air flow, the flight time between Los Angeles and London was reduced by 48 minutes, which demonstrates the relevance of developing supersonic passenger aircraft, which will shorten the flight time altogether in 2-2,5 times.

There are people who think. I already read the enthusiasm about the strength of Boeing.

to heaps .... a powerful counter-flow reduced the flight time to 48 minutes ?! :)

another nonsense of journalists
constructively this type of aircraft cannot fly with supersonic flow (number M)
just with a good tailwind, ground speed was fixed (relative to the ground) 1285 km.h
at the same time, the instrument speed did not exceed the limit
This effect is used with might and main for flights and when choosing the altitude of an aircraft, the priority wind direction is always taken into account.