John Bolton


Bolton: warned Russia against the supply of air defense systems in Syria

In the US, Russia is warned against deliveries of C-300 to Syria.

Advisor to the US President on national security issues, said that Russia's decision to supply Syria with C-300 S-XNUMX air defense systems Favorit is a serious mistake that could lead to a complete destabilization of the situation in Syria.

"We believe that the delivery of C-300 to the Syrian government will be a significant escalation (the situation in the region) from Russia. We hope, if the press reports are accurate, that they will change their minds ", - John Bolton has declared.

According to Bolton, Israel has the right to defend itself against Iran's aggressive behavior, but given the position of the US National Security Adviser, it can be said with certainty that such a right is also possessed from Syria, as well as by the Iranian military, since to date, no aggressive there were no actions from Iran, while more than a hundred Iranian soldiers perished from the bombing of the Israeli Air Force.

It should be clarified that this morning Israel intends to hold new negotiations with Russia, apparently trying to dissuade Vladimir Putin from such a step, which is a threat to the national interests of Israel.

So we warn the US not to impose sanctions against us and our partners, do not drive Russia into a "corner", and then Russia will become free from all treaties and obligations, well, in general, we will "untie our hands" and then ... Where is our mother's kuz'kina kept there?

Bolton warns ... no one has been listening to blood for a long time, clowns.

In the understanding of the American government, Israel's defense consists in preventing Israel from interfering with neighboring states, that is, terrorize them UNKNOWN!


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