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Su-22 and Su-24 bombers attacked a Turkish checkpoint in response to shelling. Video

Russian and Syrian bombers attacked the Turkish military checkpoint.

The shelling of a group of Syrian troops by the Turkish military led to immediate punishment - Russian Su-24 bombers and Syrian Su-22 fighter bombers delivered a powerful bombing blow to a Turkish military checkpoint, resulting in, according to pro-Turkish terrorists, Ankara since the invasion of Syria, casualties - 16 troops were killed and 6 more injured.

On the presented video frames, you can see that we are talking about at least two airstrikes, however, contrary to the arguments of the militants, the blow was not delivered to the checkpoint itself, but a few hundred meters away from the positions where the terrorists were located, which does not exclude provocative actions on the part of the militants, who are thereby trying to force Russia and Syria to stop delivering strikes that do not allow the militants and Turkish forces to even group for attacks.

It is noteworthy that militants and terrorists use Turkish military uniforms and uniforms, in connection with which Turkey can indeed officially accuse Russia of the death of its troops and start a war in Syria, including against Russian forces, however, given Russia's readiness To counter this, experts believe that in such a case, Turkish troops will become open targets for Russian military aircraft.

In what agreement did Syria, Turkey and Russia give permission to the Turkish military together with ISIS to seize the territory of Syria?


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