Bombardment of Syria


The bombs were just like this: the Syrian described how he became a "victim of a chemical attack"

"The victim of a chemical attack" told about all the details of the provocation.

The massive bombing of the United States, Britain and France of Syria had nothing to do with the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Today afternoon in the possession of the information resource were the testimony of a Syrian child who told that in reality, chemical attack on the inhabitants of the city Duma, there was no. According to the information provided, residents of the Syrian city of Duma were forcibly sent to one of the local hospitals, where they were told that the population had been subjected to a chemical attack by the Syrian government forces, after which they began to be watered abundantly. It is known that they did not carry out any treatment, artificial ventilation of the respiratory tract and treatment with special means, but gave an order to be in the hospital, saying that being on the street was dangerous.

All this is the best proof of the fact that there was no chemical attack allegedly initiated by the Syrian government forces, but in fact it means that both the US and coalition invasion of Syria was illegal.

"American, British French planes just bombed Syria, or at least tried to do it. As it turned out, there were no legal grounds for this, but only an attempt at a military invasion, which, quite possibly, could result in a full-scale military conflict ", - the expert comments.

Even the presence of a special filtering gas mask, with a yellow strip on the box, would help if the concentration in the air of chlorine was somewhere up to 0,2%, but as in Syria, you saw at least one allegedly poisoned person with burns between the legs, and when strong, would be huge blisters, for the lungs, the throat in general is silent, suffocating coughing, hemoptysis, discoloration of clothes: "blue would become yellow" .. So there was no chemical attack, especially if they allegedly rescued the victims next to such sources, there their (rescuers) had to be put on the herm cal costumes, wear breathing apparatus, or all of them would have been a scribe! This is from life experience ...

So the Jews turned into an American smog, like the Khokhlovs. When the command of the fac, from the master, ran to fight, he tore his tails. It seems that they have little conflict with the Arabs. Or too bred?

so it's not your officials, you are not Russian (or have not been in Russia for years 15) so they say only in other countries.

Do you prefer the American cynuchs? Oh well! All this fuss with poisoning, and other nonsense, is needed only by the Americans. They need only an excuse, and no matter what, Yulish would pobombit. They have a goal to belittle Russia, They do not need a rival in the world of global politics and business! To the whole head - MONEY !!! They are slaves of a golden calf! And their secret dream is to destroy the economy of Russia, and even better, to take our natural resources to the hands, and the population to use as a free slave of power. That's the whole truth! And everything else, solid demagoguery! Want to be a slave of the Americas, and lick their boots, and they are on you-crock? Then roll! Continue to speak out against your motherland. But such your policy will not bring you dividends. When you do not need them any more, they will send you to all camps, if they do not kill before, so that you do not sell them!

I once took a sip of chlorine in the army. It's good that it was winter. I managed to jump out into the frost with a "frosty" air ventilated the lungs. And it would be an amba. And in Syria, all these "Himataki" are all lies! In case of chlorine poisoning, it is necessary to carry out "ventilation" of the lungs, and not water and pour into the mouth some kind of mura. And the means of chemical protection ALL forgot to put on. Only one had a gauze mask, which will help only drain the water from the sand.
So do not la-la!

Friend. And the principle does not bother you that the boy who was allegedly subjected to chemical agents. Attack, does not look like a victim of this very chemical attack.
You do not have to believe our officials, believe then a stranger.

I understand this is the same "witness" as the "Spanish air traffic controller"? =). And this is how much Russia will pay, too, 50.000 dollars? I think the average Syriac suffices and less. I can not and will not believe our officials.