Air Crash Investigation Air Asia


Airborne recorders from Air Asia can be picked up within 48 hours

The search team managed to find the fuselage of the crashed airliner of the company "Air Asia".

At the moment, attempts to extract the hull of the airliner from water are suspended, as meteorological conditions have deteriorated significantly, which also causes difficulties in the search for the bodies of the dead and possible survivors.

It is assumed that in the next 48 hours onboard the crash site airborne recorders can be found who will point out the reason for this so mysterious air crash, although the first versions of the incident are already available, and they are connected, as a rule, with technical problems on the passenger airliner itself. Moreover, there is also a version and a deliberate crash of the airliner, but officially it has not yet been confirmed, even from the point of view of conjectures and conjectures.