British intelligence nearly got secret data on the Su-57

British intelligence almost got hold of secret data about the Russian Su-57.

According to analysts, the contract concluded between Russia and India for the delivery of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighters to the Indian Air Force could have turned into a "discharge" of important secret information on this combat aircraft. The data is partially confirmed by information that appeared in the Indian media.

According to the information provided by the Business Standard, the Indian side was invited by the British company BAE Systems to develop the newest fighter of the fifth generation Tempest. According to analysts, if the Russian side did conclude a contract with India, but also transfer the production technology of fifth-generation Su-57 combat aircraft, this would certainly contribute to the leakage of secret data about the Russian aircraft.

“To say that India would transfer all technologies to the UK is foolish, however, some of them could well have been transferred to BAE Systems for the purpose of India’s participation in the project of the same Tempest fighter. Obviously, Russia should carefully choose its partners in military-technical cooperation. ”, - the analyst notes.

Moreover, experts point to the fact that India, which had initially rejected the Russian Su-57, again began to negotiate on these combat aircraft, which also causes a lot of suspicion.