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British military under cocaine looking for Russian military submarines

The British military under cocaine searched for Russian submarines.

This afternoon it became known that the search operation for Russian submarines failed due to the fact that seven British military were under the influence of narcotic substances. According to some reports, the operation planned a few months ago had to be interrupted for an indefinite period.

The media reported that the attention of the command was attracted by the inadequate behavior of two military personnel who reported on the discovery of a Russian submarine off the coast of Great Britain, although at that time they had not yet been on board their own submarine. After the check, it was found that five more soldiers were under the influence of cocaine.

At the moment, it is known that all seven British military are under arrest.

According to some reports, the special mission to search for Russian submarines was also supposed to use the means of aviation, but because of the incident, the mission itself had to be canceled.

There were no official comments on this from the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom.