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Any take-off will be seen: Europe was "under the hood" of a unique Russian radar

The effect of NATO's surprise will be completely buried by the newest Russian radar.

The unique complex of the radar "Container" is supposed to be placed on the perimeter of the Russian border, which will allow to detect any take-off, of any aircraft anywhere in Europe. In fact, this allows Russian air defense systems to be prepared for any attempt by NATO aviation to approach Russian borders.

The radar equipment existing in Russia can not cover the whole of Europe, however, the unique Container complex will help to keep under the hood any actions of NATO, including to control the aviation of the North Atlantic alliance up to the west coast of the continent.

"Thanks to the" Container "radar, it will be possible to track any object that rises to a height of more than one kilometer, which gives incredible opportunities for the further development of Russian air defense systems. In fact, no enemy can come nearer to Russian borders and remain unnoticed ", - the expert states.

According to the specialists, the construction of the “Container” radar will be relatively fast, simple and cheap, and in the future such radars may appear on all the borders of the Russian Federation, which will increase the country's defense capability.

It seems Yurik in the radar connoisseur

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Who does not know, the radar "Container" on the scorcher is like ...

So far, only in words. You must first build and test, and then easily the fairy tale is affected. Our soldiers in Syria, even the bombardment can not see where they can go, where the plane taking off from the coast of Portugal can be tracked. Another noodle for ordinary citizens