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British Airways has


Former employee of British Airways filed a lawsuit against the airline for 750 thousand pounds

The former stewardess British Airways filed a lawsuit against the air operator for almost 1 million dollars.

According to Lucy Sargant, due to her trauma to her mental health, she had to leave her favorite job, and at the moment, she intends to recover from the British carrier a large compensation. It is noted that the psychological trauma was inflicted on the former stewardess of British Airways after the carrier's plane nearly fell into a catastrophe - the incident was caused by an engine explosion provoked by a fuel leak.

According to official data, the former steward intends to collect from the air carrier the amount of 750 thousand pounds (about 982 thousand US dollars - ed.), While the company fully agrees that the woman was traumatized, but , estimates the amount of compensation in 25 thousand pounds sterling.


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