C-300 were unable to withstand even F-16 fighters

Russian S-300s in Syria were called useless even against the F-16.

Another missed strike from Israel on the Syrian capital forced China to call the Russian S-300 Favorit the most useless air defense system in this country. So, according to the Sina publication, contrary to Russia's statement that even stealth fighters can track the S-300, the S-300 was beaten by Israel so much in a year and a half that these complexes should not be trusted at all.

“Syria said that after several Israeli missile attacks, at an early stage, the Russian air defense systems S-300, S-200, SA11 and“ Shell-S1 ”, which are part of the Syrian air defense forces, did not play a role in the face of Israeli air strikes and became even more vulnerable. The F-35 invisible fighter is not required, since even the F-16I Adir fighter can break through the Syrian air defense network and deliver an accurate strike on any target in Syria. To change the situation, it is necessary to modernize the air defense system of national defense. Russian-made air defense missiles have many shortcomings. Preference should be given to China's FD-2000 series of air defense systems. Syria is reportedly currently planning to comprehensively discuss the replacement of old air defense missiles, such as the C-200 and SA-6. FD-2000 will be a better replacement than the S-300 "- сообщает Sina Edition.

It should be clarified that according to official data, the Russian S-300s not only did not receive their use in Syria, but were not used at all in the battle since their inception, and therefore these systems raise a lot of questions regarding their reliability, against the background which experts do not exclude that Syria can indeed buy a batch of Chinese air defense FD-2000.

Israel is not a member of a nuclear weapon state. Israel does not work on our facilities in Syria, and if they had worked, they would have already been sent to the scrap, even if they were in the space of another state.

Israeli aircraft strike with long-range cruise missiles without entering Syrian territory. In addition, a downed Israeli plane will mean a war between Israel and Syria. Do we and Syria need this? This is not to fight with the barmaleim. Israel is a nuclear power with the most technologically advanced and efficient army in the Middle East. Here, each step must be measured.

But what if it is not time to declare oneself? In a war, the worst thing is to underestimate the enemy, knowing the dullness of the Turks I foresee how they will fall into the trap

In Syria, there are no targets for the S-300, so they are not involved. The Israelis do not enter the airspace of Syria, and therefore the S-300 does not operate on them. And to shoot down small air-to-surface missiles with the S-300 is a kind of overt stupidity.

Due to the lack of reliable information, who is ready to think about it, but these are only personal assumptions. If we recall the period of the entry of the Russian Federation into the conflict in Syria, at that moment Israel closely communicated, the si continues with the military of the Russian Federation. And moreover, the alien’s system was achieved and consolidated with Israeli planes as allies, but we shouldn’t bring down allies and the allies do not violate the agreements. By itself, the question that our systems see is their planes, just according to the actions of the Israeli side they did not harbor any illusions whether they will be noticed or not noticed.

the Chinese do not know that low-flying KR bring down the Torah and the Shell, and not the C300?

But who will let the Chinese sell their military products to Syria. After Russia frees the country from blackness, Syria will buy only Russian equipment.

The S-300 did not shoot down Israeli planes for only one reason - Russia has no intention of shooting down Israeli planes. Israel as a rule does not attack the Syrian army, only objects of pro-Iranian formations. At least all the numerous attacks inflicted by Israel on Syrian territory did not particularly affect the combat capability of the Syrian army. An attack on Israeli planes will lead to war with a powerful nuclear power, which Russia and Syria need not. Therefore, Russia and the Syrian government army do not particularly prevent Israel from fighting Iran on Syrian territory.

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It smacks of anti Russian sentiment. A tomahawks in Syria shot down from shotguns?


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