Ship explosion


Four Iranian ships are blown up in the Strait of Hormuz. Video

Four Iranian ships were attacked in the Strait of Hormuz.

In the port of the Iranian city of Yask, unidentified attacked four Iranian ships. At the disposal of the editorial staff were the corresponding video frames, on which you can see that the ships are completely engulfed in flames, while no information about the victims is currently being specified.

According to Middle Eastern resources, four cargo ships and fishing boats are on fire. At the same time, sources report that the fire began to be transferred to neighboring vessels, in connection with which, there are risks of ignition of a larger number of ships.

At present, official Tehran does not comment on what happened, however, it is alleged that all four sea vessels flared up at the same time, which does not exclude sabotage operations directed against Iran by opponents of this country.

At present, there is some information about the explosions that occurred, however, sources cannot clarify the data as to whether the explosions were before the ships were engulfed in flames or after they were ignited.

It is noteworthy that a few months ago a similar situation was observed in the Persian Gulf with oil tankers that were damaged by an explosion of unknown ammunition, which does not exclude the likelihood that someone is behind the attack on Iranian ships.

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