Accident Tu-154


"What are you doing, @ & @ &?": Published talks of the pilots of the crashed Tu-154 over the Black Sea

The negotiations of the crew that crashed the Tu-154 of the Russian Ministry of Defense over the Black Sea are published.

The “telegram” channel “The man’s gaze at the stripes” published the negotiations of the crew members of the Tu-154 crashed over the Black Sea. The tragedy claimed the lives of 92 people, however, until now, no information was provided from the flight recorders.

According to published data, the crew faced a serious technical problem.

* Negotiations are given from the beginning of preparation for takeoff and until the destruction of the aircraft.

VAR (dispatcher): 85572, ready to take off report.

572: 572, ready for takeoff.

PAC (assistant ship commander): So, the front wheel.

VAR: 85572, 24 strip, wind 20 degrees, 5 meters per second, allow takeoff.

572: Good, accepted. Takeoff allowed 8557 to the second.

VAR: All the best.

PAC: Front wheel.

KK: (ship commander): Small angles.

PAC: Steering wheels, ailerons.

QA: Checked, the move is free.

PAC: Course system, test control BKK, LDPE heating included.

PC (navigator): The course is agreed, the test control BKK held, heating LDP included.

PAC: The scoreboard "Not ready for take-off" is off, lights, hours on command.

PAC: Takeoff allowed.

QA: Takeoff throttle.

BI (flight engineer): I bet.

(click) (presumably, the sound of removing from the parking brake)

BI: Bypass valves are closed.

PC: Headlights, landing included.

BI: Takeoff mode, the parameters are normal, I keep

QA: @ & @ &, Sanya, what can you not put the crown ?!

PAC: Put already.

QA: Where did you put 24? Balbies, @ & @ &!

PAC: So worth it! Damn, what are you?

PC: 180.

QA: Take off course what?

PC: 238.

PC: 200, commander.

QA: What is the take-off course?

PC: 238.

QA: Course, @ & @ &!

PC: 238, I said!

PC: 250, the rise.

PC: Decision, commander.

PC: Rise.

PC: 280.

PC: Safe.

PC: 290.

PC: 300.

QA: Chassis to remove.

PC: Tidy up

QA: Lights off, remove.

PC: Lights off, removed.

PC: Take-off course 238.

PC: The height of fifty, lights turned off, removed.

PC: Height 120, commander, speed 330.

QA: Flaps fifteen.

PAC: Fifteen.

(Click) (presumably switching the MKV-43 knob to the middle of the flap control 2)

PC: Three hundred fifty, commander.

PC: Wow, it's mine, they do it in sync @ & @ & (choked) what is @ & @ & !?

(sound of an alarm in the cabin (siren intermittently)

QA: What?!

PC: Danger, land. What- @ & @ &.

(The sound of the tone alarm in the headphones) (from the setting of the dangerous height PB-5)

PC: What are you doing, @&@&?

PAC: And what can I do if the flaps are in sync.

PC: Commander, we fall.

(Ending recording on media)

The presented data are also accompanied by documentation of the MSRP (magnetic recorder of flight modes - approx. Ed.), Which characterizes the flight of the crashed Tu-154, which proves the fact that the published negotiations of the crew members are true.

Experts, in turn, noted that at the time of the incident, there was utter confusion in the cabin.

This is you monkey! This pilot planted an unmanaged carcass!

Yes, they were simply removed. Take a closer look at the pictures. The text in the pictures is different from the decoding in text format.

In the text decoding, the main, seemingly fatal Commander's command is missing, which is on the second photo on the decoding tape of the MSRP. QC - we clean the flaps. (approximately on 5: 27: 27) Speed, height, take-off weight !!!

One gets the impression that at the steering wheel of the spacecraft there is a monkey sitting, understanding nothing, stuck in an unfamiliar crew before the flight. To get another star for this flight

Something happened to the technique, specifically with the flaps. This refutes the official statement of the Ministry of Defense about the guilt of the crew.