Boeing Airplane


The figure of the day: 600 billion dollars could lose "Boeing" because of the plane crash in Ethiopia

The American aircraft manufacturer Boeing may lose 600 billion dollars due to air crashes with Boeing 737 MAX.

The plane crash that occurred last week in Ethiopia has already resulted in billions of dollars in profits for the American company Boeing - the cost of aviation over the last week has slipped from 422 dollars to 373 dollars. However, a much more large-scale blow to the aircraft-building giant can still be dealt in the future - air carriers are considering refusing to buy Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, which could result in losses for Boeing 600 billion dollars.

Despite the fact that the investigation into the plane crash in Ethiopia is still ongoing, air carriers around the world urgently refuse to operate these aircraft, in particular, we are talking about the EU, Latin America, Asia and Russia.

“It is much more important to find out exactly what caused the catastrophe. If it turns out that the flaws are to blame, then Boeing expects a severe blow, however, it is logical to assume that the aircraft manufacturer will try to disguise all the factors that caused the crash. Another question is that if Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplanes can indeed be considered unsafe, what kind of space sums should be paid to the aviation giant by those carriers who have already taken these liners into operation? ”, - said the analyst