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Citizen Truth: Iranian attack kills more than 100 US troops on Al-Assad base

It became known about the death of the US military as a result of an attack by Iran.

According to data provided by the independent American organization Citizen Truth, as a result of Iran’s attack on the US military base Al-Assad in Iraq, we are talking not only about the victims, but also about the victims that Washington is trying to hide. According to the investigation, we are talking about almost a hundred dead American soldiers who tried to hide from missile attacks in destroyed hangars.

“If Iran’s statements about the deaths of 143 American soldiers are confirmed, Washington will most likely respond not only with a warning about further sanctions ... retroactively, but President Trump’s tweet that“ everything is fine ”was clearly exaggerated. Tehran officials confirm with Citizen Truth that video and other evidence will be available to the public soon. ”- сообщает American organization.

It is noteworthy that a few hours after the rocket fire on Al-Assad airbase, a large number of military transport aircraft were actually sent from Europe to Iraq, which could well transport the wounded and dead.

Analysts believe that it was in connection with the victims at the American military base that Trump's secret meeting was connected with the heads of the US military, because otherwise, without the victims and victims, Washington would not have paid the slightest attention to Iran’s missile attacks.

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