Destroyed Air Base


CNN: US soldiers cry while Iranian rockets carry reinforced concrete at Iraqi Air Force base

The American media told the details of Iranian attacks on US air bases in Iraq from the words of the military themselves.

According to CNN, the US Army was completely unprepared for Iran’s missile attacks, despite the fact that Tehran promised a 100% strike on bases in Iraq. As follows from the data of the American media, the military literally sobbed in panic attacks while Iranian missiles carried reinforced concrete structures and runways at Al-Assad airbase.

"Iranian missiles that used onboard guidance systems were able to tear apart sensitive American military objects, damaging the special forces and two hangars, as well as the residential block of American drones", - literally reports "CNN".

Moreover, according to a number of unofficial sources, some of the US military refused to obey orders and return to military bases in Iraq until the command provided military facilities with protection from new US attacks.

“I held onto the gun and lowered my head, trying to find a happy place, so I started singing to my daughters in my head ... And I just waited. I hoped that no matter what happened, it would be fast. I was ready to die 100% ”- said one of the US military.

All this, obviously, demonstrates the complete unpreparedness for any large-scale military operations by the US military, including with the use of high-precision weapons by the enemy.

This is not sanctions to unilaterally fight with Iran ...

who is not mistaken? wise guy, read - Iranian.

When attacking bases, Iran used modified Soviet-made missiles. What American missiles carried reinforced concrete structures and runways at Al Assad airbase?

also drew attention. It seems that Promtom translate texts and do not even read them.
Poor quality plagiarism.

They still do not know about Russian weapons.

Responsible editors and authors of the article should be dismissed for unsuitability. "while the American? missiles carried reinforced concrete structures", "refused to carry out orders and return ... will not protect military facilities from new US attacks" ??? !!!!


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