Sukhoi Superjet 100


For the needs of development, CJSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" will allocate 50 million dollars

JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" to receive a loan from MDM Bank in the amount of 50 million.

Such a decision was made by the management of MDM Bank after justification by the airline. It is expected that the allocated funds should minimize the problems of obtaining profit after the beginning of the crisis economic situation in the country.

In addition, it has become well known and that the management of MDM Bank is interested in supporting the aircraft manufacturer, as there are both short-term and long-term prospects for development.

It is expected that the loan will be allocated to return in a timely manner, especially since aircraft designed and manufactured by company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft", specifically refers to Sukhoi SuperJet 100, are very popular all over the world, and in the near future it is necessary to conclude several more contracts.