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For Russian VCS, the sky over the US was closed

Donald Trump forbade the Russian military aircraft to appear over the United States.

The defense budget of the USA, signed last Monday by Donald Trump, made it possible to close the skies over the United States of America for the Russian videoconferencing. In fact, this means that Washington has decided to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty, which may give rise to new disagreements in the military sphere with Russia.

According to experts, to date, the United States has an expanded satellite network that allows you to monitor virtually any point of the globe, so that the performance of the obligations under the Open Skies Treaty only exerted pressure on the US military budget.

On the other hand, a number of analysts call the implementation of the Treaty on the open sky only a mere formality, since the routes of flights remain known to each side, and therefore it is impossible to acquire any valuable information.

Nevertheless, there is an assumption that the US withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty may become a new stage of confrontation between the two superpowers, especially given the fact that at the moment relations between Russia and the United States are very cold, and the world is predicted of a new “cold war”.

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